161MC: Critical Reflection

For this project, I took on the role of PA, my main responsibility to keep our live broadcast to time. I feel I have done an excellent job of preparing for this duty; I have attended every lecture and tank training session and have involved myself heavily in the creative development throughout.

The role of PA revolves around organisation and overseeing the work of others and I have tried to take on this role for the project overall, organising plans and ideas, checking in with other members of my team and ensuring that everything is moving ahead on schedule.

I am very proud of the planning I have done for the timings of our upcoming live session; I calculated the length of time taken by pre-recorded segments and from this worked out exactly how much time of our ten minutes we would have “on air”, from which I allocated time estimations to different live segments. I tested these estimations in timed rehearsals and adjusted my plan many accordingly many times. These test-runs have made the final plan more accurate, providing me with exact timings for the point of each transition.

This tried and tested plan will allow me to signal my team when we need to wrap a piece up and move on and to overall keep the show within our time slot and make for a better final take. Practice has also improved my ability to communicate timings clearly to my group within the high-pressure environment of a live recording session.

Outside of my main role I also took on the role of producing music for the opening titles of our show and while I am proud of what I made calling it music might not be entirely accurate, as I rather produced and edited vocal sound effects. This was not due to an inability to produce music, which I have done for projects in the past, but rather the use of these sound effects felt more fitting with the stop-motion visuals used in our opening titles, and I feel I did a good job of using sound to emphasise character and motion. It was surprisingly difficult to create some of the effects I wanted and I experimented with using distortion and pitch-shifting to do so.

For the website I created sticky content in the form of a flash game, using the programme Scratch, for which I was inspired by research on flash games linked to TV shows, primarily those of programmes aimed at young viewers, and I also researched existing scratch games to aid in creating scripts to achieve the effect I wanted. I think the game is well-made and fitting to our show, it follows typical game conventions, it features iconography linking to the show and the website, as well as featuring our presenters as characters in the game. The game itself could also be seen as educational, as well as directly linking to the show, in that it revolves around cooking crickets by catching ingredients in a wok, the inspiration for this taken from the demonstration segment of our show.

I feel that I have worked hard on this project and shown a keen interest in both lectures and tank sessions and that I have supported my team well both in the creative development and in sharing the workload. I also feel that my blog shows my critical mind and research and understanding of studio-based programming. Overall I am very proud of the work and look forward to our live recording session for which I feel well prepared.


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