161MC: TV Websites

This week I have been asked to compare the websites of different studio-based magazine programmes. For this task, I will be comparing the websites of the BBC’s The One Show and Strictly Come Dancing.

The Look

First of all, there’s a very clear difference in the aesthetic of these two programmes. The One Show site primarily uses the colour red as the primary accent throughout the website’s design, reinforcing the connection to the channel, BBC one and the focus on news and information, whereas the Strictly Come Dancing site uses a kind of lightened off-gold colour as its primary accent to reinforce the connection to the show’s iconic logo as well as suggest an air of glitz and glamour.

The images which are front and centre at the top of the page are also telling; The One Show focuses on the show’s iconic set, as well as its presenters, which is the most constant aspect of a magazine show like this. Strictly Come Dancing puts a stronger focus on the people in the show, as well as giving a more full body look at them, allowing you to see the clothes they way, which ties into the show’s focus on celebrity and glamour. Strictly also has the show’s logo, also glamourous with it’s fancy, cursive font and glimmering disco ball, prominent at the top of the page whereas The One Show does not. Strictly also uses imagery with lots of spotlights shown in the page’s background, emphasising the theatrical nature of the show.


Strictly Come Dancing definitely features much original content on its site than The One Show, however, The One Show does feature a lot of links that tie into the BBC as well as the UK government, which fits the shows nature as more informative than entertainment.

Other than clips from the show the only original content on The One Show‘s site is a “The Team” page featuring information about the show’s presenters and reporters, as well as a page featuring recipes with accompanying clips.

The site also features a number of informative links intended to help the reader, such as links to sites providing mental health support or government information that can support you in the workplace.

Strictly Come Dancing‘s site on the hand is overloaded with content for visitors to explore; the sire features clips from the show, photo galleries, behind-the-scenes looks at the show, articles about the show, quizzes, biographies for the celebrities and dancers, a music playlist and even an online game where you program virtual robotic dancers to do silly dances, all intended to increase engagement with the show.


The different ways the sites invite the viewer to interact with the show also represents the different values and focus of the two shows. The One Show invites people to send their stories, inviting people to share information about their lives that they think matters reflecting the show’s nature as an informative programme, whereas Strictly Come Dancing‘s site invites viewers to send in Strictly-themed selfies, emphasizing the show’s focus on appearances, glamour and aesthetics.

Ways to improve

I think The One Show site could use more original content, even keeping in with its informative style it could feature written articles about content that was covered on the show. As for Strictly Come Dancing I think the site should feature its social media links more prominently as they seem a bit of a lost afterthought at the bottom of the page.


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