162MC Treatment: Robin

In modern day England a grown up Christopher Robin revives the imaginary friends from his childhood, Winnie the Pooh and friends, finding their character traits in his co-workers. Through exploring his relationships with these people Robin resolves his emotional crisis.

After the death of his father Christopher Robin, an unhappy, unmarried office worker in his mid 30s to early 40s, goes to his father’s house and his own childhood home, planning to sell the house and recover some personal debt. While looking through the attic Robin finds his childhood toys and the inspiration for his imaginary friends, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga and Roo. This triggers a nostalgia in Robin, remembering the stories he made up as a child and he takes the toys home with him.

The next day at his office job Robin begins to recognise traits from his characters in his co-workers; a somewhat dim, overweight co-worker (Pooh) with a kind heart and a penchant for getting stuck in small spaces; a perpetually anxious co-worker (Piglet), constantly paranoid of any possible danger; a hyper-active, figetty, jumpy, ginger co-worker (Tigger) with a wandering mind and a secret drug habit; the boss with a severe case of OCD (Rabbit), constantly criticising the employees on lack of organisation, to the point of making sure his pens are laid out perfectly parallel to the edge of his desk; a pessimistic co-worker suffering from depression (Eeyore) whose being forced out of his home and facing possible homelessness; the know-it-all IT guy (Owl) with a tendency to ramble about binary code and networks to anyone who comes in his office with an issue; and a kindly female co-worker (Kanga) who is a single mother to a young son (Roo) and struggles to juggle her time.

Robin explores his relationships with these people outside of the workplace, exploring friendship with Tigger, Piglet and Pooh, finding that their personalities balance each other out, Pooh’s optimism and simple happiness calming Piglet’s fear, Piglet’s caution reigning in Tigger’s madness, Tigger inspiring a sense of adventure in the new friends. When Robin invites Rabbit (the boss) out on a night on the town with the new friends they have a crazy night thanks largely to Tigger, and Rabbit learns to relax a little when he tries a joint. Robin helps Eeyore look for a new home, unsuccessfully, and when he actually listens to Owl, who most people avoid, and discover he is actually quite lonely, and has the idea for Eeyore to become his new roommate. Finally, Robin bonds with Kanga and her son, Roo, later babysitting Roo so Kanga can have a night off.

The time has come for the funeral of Robin’s father, he invites his co-workers, now friends, for moral support. At the funeral his father’s infamous series of children’s books are spoken of in a eulogy, the characters mentioned as their human counterparts are shown. Standing above his father’s grave after he is buried Robin finally accepts his father’s passing and realizes he is now truly happy for the first time since his childhood, with a support network of friends and loved ones. He also realizes one other thing, and quickly runs to the wake to find Kanga, who he asks on a date; surprised, but happy, she says yes and they kiss.

At the end of the film Robin, Kanga and Roo move into his father’s house in a happy montage and then the other characters come round for a party and everyone is happy.

Andrew Sheller is a Media Production student at Coventry University. You can see more content from Andrew at their Facebook page through this link.


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